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The main goals of beautiful tone, musical sensitivity/expressivity, phrasing, etc. are the same than in the Suzuki Method.

However in the traditional approach reading is introduced earlier than in the Suzuki method in order for the student to be more independent sooner in their piano practice.

The traditional approach is best suited for older children, teenagers, and adults. However this approach can also be wonderful for younger children.

Some elements of the Suzuki method which I've learned through my training are used in my traditional teaching (e.g. one point learning, positive encouragement, learning solid basics, etc.).


  • Learn an artistic and expressive approach to piano playing

  • Acquire correct piano technique based on the Russian and French schools of piano playing that gives freedom to interpretation

  • Main focus is on the classical repertoire (e.g. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, etc.) but popular mu-sic can also be studied if the student desire

  • Solfege and music theory will also be taught in order for the student to become more independent in their piano practice

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